Livestock-recreation interactions on public lands: a complex emerging issue of conservation, economics, and social responsibility

Livestock grazing and recreational pursuits are often concurrent on California rangelands, but on rare occasions conflicts between recreationists and livestock or graziers arise. I am conducting a comprehensive Literature Review (Part One) regarding issues surrounding simultaneous livestock grazing and recreation on public lands. To investigate region-specific issues regarding livestock-recreation issues on coastal California public lands, I am also conducting interviews and surveys of land managers and graziers operating on public and private lands on the California coast and coastal mountain ranges (Part Two). I expect to submit these two papers (Literature Review and Interview/Survey Results) to peer-reviewed journals, and will give presentations at two upcoming workshops:

Funders for this endeavor include Elkhorn Slough and the Central Coast Rangeland Coalition, and collaborators include Sheila Barry (UCANR: Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor) and Roger Baldwin (UCANR: Human-Wildlife Conflict Resolution).

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