Lunar eclipse beauty

This isn’t a research post for once, just a fun post about the lunar eclipse! I wanted to share some photos we got last night. Some are blurry and the actual full eclipse photos are not as good because it was slightly cloudy and we were still working on the camera settings, but they are still fun. Enjoy!

Taken with a Nikon body, 500 mm lens, 1/500 second, ISO 200. Click on photos to see full size and in detail.

DSC_2377 _DSC3738 _DSC3742 _DSC3749 _DSC3759 _DSC3762 _DSC3769 _DSC3775 _DSC3788 _DSC3803 _DSC3804 _DSC3812 _DSC3823 _DSC3827 Shine



Partial eclipse, crop

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