Women in Ranching – Connecting, Inspiring, Doing

I was incredibly honored to receive an invitation to a small gathering of some of the most amazing women in ranching (and farming and related work) in the western U.S. at Paicines Ranch, owned by Sallie Calhoun. Sallie and a circle of holistic practitioners, including Kelly Mulville and Joe Morris, have been doing some amazing work on the 7,000-acre ranch in Paicines, and we were privileged to see how the holistic management framework and their creativity and imaginations have kickstarted the productivity and potential of that amazing land base. I often hear it can’t be done, and I look around and see it being done all over the place. IT CAN BE DONE. And it is.

We explored new ideas, broke down mental walls, and celebrated the many benefits that feminine land management offers to our rangeland ecosystems, and walked away inspired and rejuvenated. It turns out I am not the only one who is yearning for a good pair of work pants that were made to fit hips and a smaller frame! Fencing types, stockmanship, communicating effectively, feeling empowered, feminine and masculine stereotypes and management styles … we delved into these and many other topics, and ate a lot of chocolate along the way.

Laura Jean Schneider described this experience in her High Country News article (Ranch Diaries), and Julie Morris also shared her experience (Leaning in on the Range).

We plan on meeting again around the same time next year, and I am already counting down the days! I haven’t laughed that much in a LONG time…. it’s time to start laughing some more.

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